Winter storms par for the course at Ardglass GC

Flooding at the back of the 12th green

Flooding at the back of the 12th green

They’re a hardy bunch up at Ardglass GC.
The full 18 holes of the Co Down course were open for play at the weekend just a week after high tides and storms swept away forty yards of wall along the 11th fairway.
“That is one of the things about being a links course. The sea is your friend, but it can also be your biggest enemy,” said club manager, Cormac Cahalane.
“The water did come up pretty high down around the 11th fairway and 12th green. The medal tee box at the 13th was an island. The tee box was fine but the green got a bit of a hammering although it will be fine.
“The worst damage was probably in the par five 11th where we lost that wall.
“But, it’s not unusual for us to get some bad weather here. Last year was probably the worst. Our fourth green was ruined and we spent a lot of the year using the old seventh as a replacement.
“The fact is that greens like the 12th for example, are exposed to the worst of the elements during the winter.”
In the immediate aftermath of the storm surge Ardglass did close six holes but green staff worked wonders to make repairs. The damage could have been much more significant but for the fact that the club used concealed gabion walls along the length of the 11th fairway in the construction process back in 2001.
“The wall did it’s job perfectly but where it ended, at the back of the 11th green, was where we got hit,” added Cormac.
“We will have to look at other ways of protecting the course – maybe extend the gabion wall – it’s something we will have to consider.”

The sea encroaches onto the 11th fairway

The sea encroaches onto the 11th fairway




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