Ask Dave – equipment questions answered


Foregolf club fitter, Dave Williams answers equipment queries

Q – I’m considering purchasing a new driver but I’m wary about the new adjustable technology.

Dave says; “The modern day driver is indeed a very complicated product. The idea behind it is to allow the golfer to fine tune the club more around their game but, with the infinite number of settings, there is only one setting that will be optimum for each player and a huge number that will just not work!


Dave Williams

Take Taylor Made’s R1 for example, there are a 168 different setting combinations but only one setting that will work perfectly correctly for the golfer. Therefore, there are 167 ways of getting it wrong!

The technology is baffling as is the information that comes with the driver but at the end of the day these drivers are revolutionary to the game and certainly shouldn’t be overlooked due to the complicated design.

We are very quickly going to reach a point where you can’t buy a non-adjustable driver and as a result, we all need to embrace the technology.

There are however plenty of places to gain the information needed to get these brilliant products fine tuned to you.

I would always recommend a club fitting for products like this, as the club technicians are trained in what each setting is supposed to do and how to get it to work for you but it will only really work in conjunction with the correct shaft. Bottom line, get some proper help and be properly fitted it’s as easy to get it right as get it wrong!

David Williams is Ireland’s most accomplished club technician and offers consultancy on the correct type of clubs for gofers of all abilities from his base, ForeGolf at Killeen Castle.

This article first appeared in The News Letter 2013

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