McIlroy coach Bannon enjoying life on the road

BMW PGA Championships - Previews
RORY McIlroy was left scratching his head after struggling round Carton House on Thursday but coach Michael Bannon has no doubts that the world number two will return to form.
“It does take a while to settle in with new clubs, of course, and we are working on his swing, at present, getting his driver and woods working better but I have no concerns about his future. He is the World No 2 and he can go upwards,” said the former Bangor GC professional.

“In golf it is hard to stay up all the time. What you have got to do is strive to be as good as you can be. There are ups and down in the game but, I believe, that when Rory gets to a slightly better level he can be very consistent.

“He’ll start winning again and also having regular top finishes. He can be consistent. Maybe this weekend will prove that.”
Bannon walked away from his full time job at Bangor last October to join Rory on tour and while he has had to deal with more scrutiny, it’s a decision he doesn’t regret.
“The life of a club pro can be stressful. A club pro works seven days a week, 364 days a year. You have got to be available to the members,” added Michael.
“I took quite a while to decide when Rory asked me to become his full-time coach and I am glad that I made the decision to join him on tour.
“I have travelled to many places and saw many things that I never saw before and I got to see how the tour works.
“The travel is all arranged so I have no problems that way. We don’t room together but, when in America, I may stay in his house there, along with his mum and dad.
“I may be off for a week or two at a time and that period is my own so I spend it at home. I’m not now playing competitive golf but I still practice and, when at home, I go to Downpatrick with my son Fergus and play. He is just 15 and has been playing golf for only two years. He’s very keen.”

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