GMAC supports ban on long putters

GRAEME McDowell is backing golf’s governing bodies, the USGA and the R&A, in their battle to get rid of long putters.
Speaking on the eve of the final major of the year, the US PGA Championship in Kiawah Island, McDowell claims it’s time the playing field was levelled out again.
“Putting is such a big part of the game. Let’s get everyone with a short putter back in the bag as the game is meant to be played,” said the 33-year-old.
“Reading between the lines from what the R&A and the USGA are saying, I would say the change is coming. How imminent that change is, is obviously a different question?
“I don’t think it’s something that’s going to take immediate effect. The players have got to have a little time to adapt. The equipment manufacturers have got to have a little time to kind of adapt the things that they are doing.
“Talking to Mike Davis and the USGA, they feel like their research has shown that putting under pressure down the stretch on the back nine on Sunday, when you can anchor the putter to a part of your body, that just takes one extraneous movement out of the putting stroke; that putting under pressure with that type of putter is easier.

“It’s just kind of a physical fact that if you can just take one element of movement and motion out of the stroke that holing putts will become easier.”

McDowell has had an excellent major season, giving himself chances to win at both the US Open and the Open Championship but admits that there has been some lingering frustration at his inability to get over the finishing line.
“I do look back very positively on both of my last two major experiences but I have addressed a couple things that I think I need to do better,” he added.
“It was certainly nothing to do with nervousness or pressure that kind of got to me. If anything, I came out a little bit flat in both first nine holes [on the final round]. So there’s a few things I’ve addressed, just really my routines, my pre-shot routines and various little things I’m maybe not executing as well in the heat that I do maybe on Thursday, Friday, Saturday.
“You know, it’s just a case of building and building and putting myself there more often, knocking on the door, and hopefully some day, I’ll bust one down again.”

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