No conspiracy, Rory ditched ISM

IT’S easy to come up with conspiracy theories, to blame the girlfriend or Graeme McDowell but quite possibly Rory McIlroy made the decision to switch from ISM to Horizon all by himself.
For the best part of two weeks, McIlroy avoided answering questions about a move that caught most of the golfing world on the hop but on the eve of the WGC -HSBC Champions event in Shanghai the US Open champion couldn’t dodge the issue any longer.
“It’s a decision I didn’t take lightly,” he said.
“I thought long and hard about it and had a lot of chats with my Mum and Dad. Sometimes to go forward in your career you just need to make decisions.
“For four years I felt Chubby [Chandler] was the best guy and ISM were fantastic for me, but sometimes to progress you need to have a fresh view on things. It’s about me trying to play my best golf and that’s all there is to it.
“I feel like a new environment around me might enable me to play even better and I feel like I’m moving on to the next stage of my career.
“Chubby’s been there for me since day one and it was very difficult for me. I remain very close to him – it was a purely business decision and nothing personal at all.
“I’ve got all the time in the world for Chubby and everyone involved at ISM.”
Regardless of whether you believe him or not, the first thing to note is that this was a well crafted response. Rory managed to say all the right things and effectively put the issue to bed.
The same can be said for Chandler who also claimed to have ‘moved on’ after the pair met on the range at the Sheshan Golf Club.
“We shared a laugh and a couple of jokes, had a chat and were fine, just like I knew we would be. I wish Rory nothing but the best,” said the ISM boss.
Some lingering resentments may still remain but from Rory’s point of view when the issue was finally addressed it was handled skillfully and that bodes well for Rory’s association with Horizon.
If going forward he continues to be so assured, particularly in how he deals with the media, then his deal with Horizon could quite possibly be a match made in heaven.


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