McDowell returns to his roots

IT was bedlam at Rathmore Golf Club last night as US Open Champion Graeme McDowell returned to where it all began.
Family and friends mingled with the media as the 30-year-old brought the famous trophy ‘home’.
McDowell remains deeply attached to the Rathmore club and he wanted to celebrate with those people closest to him.
“I feel very fortunate and very lucky to get the opportunity to come down the last looking to make a par to win the US Open,” he said.
“That’s certainly something that I used to think about outside on the putting green at the back of the clubhouse here.
“I always dreamed big. You have to work hard and practice hard but I always believed deep down inside that I could do something big. There’s something about this part of the world, we always produce great players here.
“It was great to come up through the junior ranks at this golf club. They certainly taught me a lot about what I know about the game. College golf in America was also very big for me and changed me into the player that I have become.

“It’s been a long journey, it’s been a tough journey at times but I’ve had great people around me especially my mum and dad to drive me along the way.

“It has been so important all my career to have great people around me to help drive me on to achieve my goals
“My family, the people who supported me, the people in this golf club have treated me unbelievably since I was a very young man. It’s great to be back.”
McDowell’s life has been filled with interviews, television appearances and special events since he holed that winning putt at Pebble Beach on Sunday.
In truth, he looked a little punch drunk yesterday evening and freely admitted that he was going to need some time out, to ‘get his head around things’.
“It’s tough to look beyond this right now,” he added.
“I was supposed to be playing in France next week but I’m going to give it a miss.
“This is a lot to deal with and a lot to get my head around right now.”
He remains committed to the JP McManus Pro Am event and the Scottish Open at Loch Lomond ahead of The Open Championship at St Andrews.
He will go to those events with a new found status in the game but is determined to try and stay as grounded as possible.
“I hope I can still come back to this neck of the woods and still be who I am and people have always treated me the same way around here since I was winning junior events at 15, 16 years of age,” he said.
“So hopefully this doesn’t change things too much.”

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