Royal Portrush return to the summit

ROYAL Portrush reclaimed the Ulster Senior Cup title with a 3-2 win over defending champions Slieve Russell at Massereene.

Even with the Maguire twins (unbeaten throughout) in their ranks, Slieve Russell simply did not have the strength and depth to match their opponents.

Royal Portrush now join Lahinch in the All Ireland Quarter Finals in Cork on 13-14 August while Slieve Russell join Douglas as one of the three teams hoping to make it to the quarter finals as best losers.


Royal Portrush 3 Slieve Russell  2
Gemma McClenaghan (1) lost to Leona Maguire (+3) 5&3
Niamh Quigg (2) lost to Lisa Maguire (+3) 6&5
Charlene Reid (2) bt Bronagh Lunney (3) 5&4
Maura Diamond (3) bt Ann Monteith (6) 2&1
Helen Jones (3) bt Carol McEnroe (12) 8&7
Semi Finals
Royal Portrush 4 1/2 Royal Co Down Ladies 1/2

Gemma Mcclenaghan halved with Anita McCaw
Charlene Reid bt Emma Dickson 4&2
Niamh Quigg bt Veronica MacGreevy 5&4
Maura Diamond bt Olivia Mehaffey 7&5
Lucy Simpson bt Helen Cocks 5&4
Clandeboye 1 Slieve Russell 4
Nicola Currie lost to Leona Maguire 5&4
Kelsey Coey lost to Lisa Maguire 7&6
Sonya Hopley lost to Bronagh Lunney 7&6
Caroline Adams halved with Ann Monteith
Alison McCloskey halved with Carol McEnroe
Round 2
Royal Portrush 5 Massereene 0

Gemma McClenaghan bt Lisa McMeekin 8&6
Charlene Reid bt Selina Smyth 5&3
Naoimh Quigg bt Heather Myles 7&5
Maura Diamond bt Marie Agnew 6&4
Helen Jones bt Marie McColum 7&6
Royal Co. Down 3 Larne 2
Alex Howe lost to Jessica Boal 4&2
Anita McCaw lost to Roma English 1up
Emma Dickson bt Sarah O’Neill 4&2
Veronica MacGreevy bt Joyce Robinson 4&3
Olivia Mehaffey bt Rebecca Weir 6&5
Clandeboye 3 Malone 2
Nichola Currie lost to Paula Delaney 3&2
Kelsey Coey bt Jane Garnder 4&3
Sonya Hopley lost to Heather Hood 2up
Caroline Adams bt Oonagh McClure 3&2
Alison McCloskey bt Rachel Scott 2&1
Belvoir Park 1 Slieve Russell 3
Violet McBride lost to Leona Maguire 5&3
Jennifer Russell lost to Lisa Maguire 3&1
Jenny Gibson lost to Bronagh Lunney 6&5
Cynthia McGaw halved with Ann Monteith
Joan McVeigh halved with Carol McEnroe

Round 1
Massereene 4 Dunmurry 1

Lisa McMeekin bt Helen McCarthy 5&3
Selina Smyth bt Sarah Toland 6&4
Heather Myles halved with Fionnuala McGrady
Marie Agnew bt Donna Gillespie 3&2
Winifred Balmer halved with Lesley Allen
Shandon Park 1 Royal Co Down Ladies 4
Jennifer Young lost To Alex Howe 2&1
Julie Hall Halved with Anita Mccaw
Diane Conway lost to Emma Dickson 1up
Diane Nickels halved with Veronica MacGreevy
Vicky Simpson lost to Olivia Mehaffey 7&6
Malone 3 Bangor 2
Paula Delaney lost to Victoria Bradshaw 3&1
Jane Gardner lost to Mandy McEvoy 4&2
Heather Hood bt Jacque Hamilton 8&7
Oonagh McClure bt Finola Duncan 3&2
Heather McIvor bt Iris Smyth 2&1
Belvoir 4 Royal Belfast 1
Violet McBride bt Sarah Louise Winter 4&2
Jennifer Russell halved with Alex Barnes
Jenny Gibson bt Janet Wilson 3&2
Cynthia McGaw halved With Charmian Gifford
Joan McVeigh bt Patricia Boyd 5&3



2 Responses to “Royal Portrush return to the summit”

  1. Alan Kelly Says:

    A 12 handicapper on a Senior Cup team? You’re practically 1 match down before you start!

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